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I am the Maya half of Maya & Sage. I am the one who is prone to writing down flashes of what seem like insights and often turning those into songs or bhajans. I used to think I knew who I was, part of a married duo called Maya & Sage, Spirit Singers out to spread the energy of love and healing to the world. Now, I am seeing the possibilities of being even more than that. Many folks have asked us to write about our adventure into the unknown. To occasionally describe what our life is like with a saint guiding us to deeper truths. Our wish is to keep in touch. We will do our best to update you now and then and post the musings of Maya along the way. We hold you all close in our hearts and we are here if you need special prayers and healing. We are happy to practice the ancient ways as we learn to be healing lights in the world. Another way to keep up with our adventures and schedule is through our website.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Journey Number 9

Journey number 9 tales a scene change. After one year, here we are (to our great surprise) back in the United States of America. It seemed like it was going to be an interesting finish to the Soul University year. Everyone was taking their second Visa break and to return in a month for the final 6 weeks of learning the ancient knowledge. Guru Purnima would be the official end and our graduation.

When we landed in San Francisco, we could tell something was up. There was no one there to pick us up and we hung out for hours trying to figure out what to do after 23 hours in the air. We could also feel how we were equipped for the chaos in spite of our tiredness and cultural change. We eventually rented a car and drove for safety in the Sierra Nevada Mtns. We had a beautiful safe harbor waiting there. We had left a small bedroom in Sage’s daughter’s house with pictures of Baba and Swami, our favorite alter pieces and statues AND our beauty rest mattress.

When we arrived, the bedroom was still sitting peacefully waiting but the rest of the scene was on its way into crisis mode. We could feel it, we could smell it, we immediately started picking from our new healing techniques to try to head the calamity off at the pass. It kept coming and within a few days, we were in the middle of an out of control manic episode with the key player being a young daughter that we both adored. We kept the healing flowing and her energy seemed determined to fight it off. We felt sure that Baba was with us, Jesus was with her, and all would be okay.

Days turned to weeks, emergency rooms, police, mental hospitals, doctors, family, attorneys, county health workers, her friends, escapes, near death, anger, violence….weeks turned to months. Day by day we wake to face what is before us. Endless surprises, twists, turns. We see how we have been prepared to face negativity and illusion. We find that our desire to be a light in the world has focused its beam for the time being, on one young woman.

Back to the spiritual talk, some say it is a big illusion, some ask what kind of a leela is this? Some say you shouldn’t let family stand in the way of your soul work, some say you are with us in our prayers every day. Yes! It is a BIG illusion. It is so big and obvious that we have to be here. There is no doubt that we are going to miss the final days of Soul University and graduation in Penukonda.

It is also very obvious to us that we are where we are supposed to be. We are still in the classroom, but the scene has changed. It is implementation time and more and deeper purification and learning as we face up to mental illness of the wildest kind in this Kali Yuga. Oh Kali…we see how you deal with negativity. We hope you are there under our skin helping us to stay strong and never stop our soul work wherever Baba puts us. It is all so different than it seems and we don’t really know what is at play here. We do know that it is all God Almighty and who would know better what to do when you are the only ones in the world who can be there for this person right now. Let the Almighty show the way, do the healing, take whatever twist and turns are necessary and give us the strength to stand for Love throughout.

The last few days we have been seeing how the surprise of not going back to our home in India, the music studio, the temple, Swami and friends, the ashram life, is teaching us about how the ego identifies with accomplishment, success, having a sense of yourself as someone special and be recognized for it. We don’t have any happy ending story to tell about India. We don’t have a finished CD, neither ours or the Bhajan CD we were so close to finishing. We didn’t come back as enlightened masters. We won’t be there for the grand finale’. We came back as a couple who believes in God and the grace of Love with a willingness to be ready to face every new day however it comes. We won’t give up our soul work and we won’t give up on a mentally ill daughter who needs someone who cares.

So here we are in the USA. Our light is shining and our life as healers has begun. We still love spirit singing and talking about truth. We miss the family of like minded Baba lovers even though we are adjusting to talking more about the weather than about the nature of God. We have each other, our protection circle is still in place and connects to others all over the globe. Let freedom ring!


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