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I am the Maya half of Maya & Sage. I am the one who is prone to writing down flashes of what seem like insights and often turning those into songs or bhajans. I used to think I knew who I was, part of a married duo called Maya & Sage, Spirit Singers out to spread the energy of love and healing to the world. Now, I am seeing the possibilities of being even more than that. Many folks have asked us to write about our adventure into the unknown. To occasionally describe what our life is like with a saint guiding us to deeper truths. Our wish is to keep in touch. We will do our best to update you now and then and post the musings of Maya along the way. We hold you all close in our hearts and we are here if you need special prayers and healing. We are happy to practice the ancient ways as we learn to be healing lights in the world. Another way to keep up with our adventures and schedule is through our website.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Rainy Season

Beautiful showers and cooler (finally) weather have set in. It is refreshing and absolutely gorgeous. Daily troops of dragon flies, monkeys, parrots, and moths roam the gardens. Yesterday two black bees the size of tennis balls kept checking out the red bindi between my eyes, hoping for a big score.

Along with the outward heat of the last four months is an internal heat. I have come to find out it is a symptom of energy flowing. After seven years of hot flashes finally ending, I had hoped the cosmic would come in waves of bliss with generous heaps of joy and inner peace. Another romantic expecatation covered in ash as I keep moving into the reality of the cosmic and surrender to my personal journey of unmasking the Divine in me.

For me right now it is like a soft feathery tickle that sweeps through my entire body. It triggers a subtle remembrance and a sensation of support... the kind of support that has always been there and always will be. Then along come my thoughts and I wonder how spicey the dal will be today, when is my SEVA shift, is it time for bhajans or arthi??? I had better check the bulletin board to see what is happening.

There is the rain again. There is that heat... and Ah... that tickle!


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