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I am the Maya half of Maya & Sage. I am the one who is prone to writing down flashes of what seem like insights and often turning those into songs or bhajans. I used to think I knew who I was, part of a married duo called Maya & Sage, Spirit Singers out to spread the energy of love and healing to the world. Now, I am seeing the possibilities of being even more than that. Many folks have asked us to write about our adventure into the unknown. To occasionally describe what our life is like with a saint guiding us to deeper truths. Our wish is to keep in touch. We will do our best to update you now and then and post the musings of Maya along the way. We hold you all close in our hearts and we are here if you need special prayers and healing. We are happy to practice the ancient ways as we learn to be healing lights in the world. Another way to keep up with our adventures and schedule is through our website.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Ganesha Festival

We are basking in the energy of Ganesha, the elephant headed son of the Divine Mother. He is the remover of all impossible obstacles, the harmonizer of energies, the blesser of all things. We had the joy of watching a local artist create a Ganesha statue, sculpt it, and paint it. Then the decorating began. It turned into such a gorgeous scene with flowers and offerings of sugar cane and sweets. The village has been celebrating for three days...I can hear the fireworks as I write. Even the children love Ganesha.

Here is the Ganesha prayer from Sri Kaleshwar's book, Gifts of Shirdi Sai Baba:

Om Suklam Bhara-dharam
Vishnum Se-shivarnam
Chatur-bujam Prasanna-vadanam
Dhi-ya-ye Sarva Vignopa Shanta-ye

Om Agajanana Padmarkam Gajanana
Maharnisham Aneka-Dantanam
Yekadanta Mupasma-he

So as the huge elephant of Love clears our path, may your energy channels open and success be yours!


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