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I am the Maya half of Maya & Sage. I am the one who is prone to writing down flashes of what seem like insights and often turning those into songs or bhajans. I used to think I knew who I was, part of a married duo called Maya & Sage, Spirit Singers out to spread the energy of love and healing to the world. Now, I am seeing the possibilities of being even more than that. Many folks have asked us to write about our adventure into the unknown. To occasionally describe what our life is like with a saint guiding us to deeper truths. Our wish is to keep in touch. We will do our best to update you now and then and post the musings of Maya along the way. We hold you all close in our hearts and we are here if you need special prayers and healing. We are happy to practice the ancient ways as we learn to be healing lights in the world. Another way to keep up with our adventures and schedule is through our website.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Dustbin Syndrome

Dustbin syndrome starts with a sudden unexpected shock that punches the belief system and then passes through the body with shaking, confusion, and possibly tears. It is accompanied by complete awe that one could be taken by such surprise.

To a once a centered, inspired, and “on track” being, this can feel like having the wind knocked out of one’s sails or the life balloon coming to a glorious “pop”. To some it feels like a modern day crucifixion or death.

Dustbin syndrome can be a result of quantum leap hangover. When the earthling is pushed into a new consciousness stage, the past reference point must die and a new reference point be allowed to emerge in which to function from. In an age where there are no legs left to stand on one must learn to fly, having thought it impossible to have wings.

So we ask ourselves, at the risk of literally throwing the baby out in the bathwater, what still works? What is worth keeping, sharing, and living? Asking without really understanding the new vantage point can be interesting, but let’s hold our judgment here and remember that faith and patience worked really well in the past and may be useful now. Faith that we have the new vantage point, patience in learning to maneuver from that new place of consciousness.

“Free bird” used to be a word we could only imagine. Now it is within our grasp. Free to be present in each moment with all the connections to act from the deep well of unlimited, never-ending, truth. Finally, we have arrived back home to the place that holds everything that ever was and ever will be in its hand. It may not feel like we thought it would, since we were imagining from a long gone perch.

We have been kicked out of the nest. We must fly. We must make the flight of the soul to the new land and take as many as we can with us. It is the only true land, no land, one land, and it is what we came here for.

So as I dig around in the layers of earthly skin looking for those wings, I feel sad sometimes for the old days when I thought I knew, thought I could feel bliss, and thought I could help. Back when there was still an “I”, still a leg to stand on.

Legs gone…. Time to fly…..